About us

O³ (pronounce [O kubik]) Software GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1998. We are developing Software, mainly using Web-technology.

We are based in >Kiel, >Schleswig-Holstein. Our customers can be found all over Germany.

  Corporate Logo

Our customers appreciate our flat hierarchy, combined with considerable expertise in IT.

We offer you custom-made solutions within the wide field of software engineering, i.e. tailored development of client/server applications, or internet/intranet applications respectively. Due to the demand for easy-to-setup applications with high data security and low latency in business and local authorities, we provide lean, fast, secure and functional low-overhead solutions. (e.g. by using our own development, the >O³-Web-Application-Server).

We have extensive knowledge of common database systems (e.g. >MySQL, >Oracle, >MS-SQL-Server, IBM DB2, ...), data warehousing and much more in the vast field of infomation technology.